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Date: Thu 08 Jun 1995 - 17:43:39 EEST

Peter Metcalfe In a message dated 95-06-07 07:26:32 EDT, you write:

>I just remembered that Gorgorma Priestesses are required to have
>their body 'ritually scarified'. Given that male aspirants to the
>priesthood are required to be eunuchs (#1 on de MOB scale), I do
>think this involves clitoridectomies of a sort (there are different
>degrees - but I won't delve into this). This will make the attainment
>of the Gorgorma Priesthood as costly for the females as it is for the
>males and enhance the anti fertility nature of Gorgorma.

Ditto Babeester Gor priestesses, there are references to BG being covered in scars which contain powerful magics. Certainly there is nothing wrong with the ritual mutilation you propose. I always imagined BG/Gog priestesses as lesbians, perhaps a ritual designed by men to remove pleasure from sex for women would be out of place. I think the ritual scarring is to make the priestesses more frightening looking and to brand them as special/unusual looking. The mutilation would have the effect of damping player enthusiasm for joining these frightening cults.

>I don't believe any Hsunchen practice circumcision. I think it
>would be a "civilizing" practice

Wasn't circumsicion widely practiced in Africa as a coming of age ceremony.  I also believe some ritual was practiced by american indians. Certaninly enough evidence that civilization!=circumcision.

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