Hell, these Burgers are turning into Trolls!

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Date: Fri 09 Jun 1995 - 02:14:02 EEST

David Cake:

> Personally, I do think that this particular Hell is a special
>secret - I am sure Sheng could escape from the normal parts of Hell, and I
>am sure a Lightbringers Quest could bring Sheng back if he was kept in the
>normal part of Hell (after all, bringing folks back from Hell is what an
>LBQ is about).

If it was a _special_ secret than how did Fazzur, a mere Tarshite Foedoroi know about it and the Lunar Priests know how to work the magic?

The Fortunate Succession mentions the tidbit that the Red Emperor was afflicted by a Curse of Sheng's. He died gruesomely, not because he was unable to prevent it, but because he wanted to go to the worst possible hell known to the Pentans and see Gorgorma, their fabled lady of willies (she giveth and she taketh away...). After recieving a mandatory certificate of Eunuch, First class, he came away with Yara Aranis.

This implies that the Lunar Hells which is different from the Dara Happan Hell is also very different from the Pentan Hells (despite years and years of close contact). The Courts of Silence and Council of the Gods beloved of the Orlanthi is really a place known to them (others go to some slightly different place) and is not IMO the Hell where everybody goes to. A Lunar magician stuck there would have no easy route out whereas an Orlanthi would. (Sheng is able to get out because he has been healed of the forge and he is also one of the more awesome shamans seen this side of the Gods War).

Andrew Behan:

>The four orders in
>the Middle Ages were the serfs, the burgers, the nobility and the clergy.
>In Glorantha there are serfs, knights, wizards and nobles. There is a
>paragraph in The Glorantha Players Book which declares that the castes
>are: serf, burger, knight/noble and wizard, but the rest of Glorantha,
>GoG and even Loren's Carmania write-up says: serf, knight, wizard and
>noble so which is it?

The Gloranthan burgers as far as I'm aware are common to Safelster. They are the equivalent of Knights found everywhere else. The reason why they are not prancing around on horseback is that the lords of Safelster have found it more politic to campaign with mercenaries than rely on the outdated knights. The successors to the Knight Caste still have access to the lands and farms their feudal fathers held and with this invested profitably they are able to dominate the political life of Safelster.

Sandy Petersen:

>Anyone who joins the
>Catholic church would probably have been a good candidate for
>joining the Orthodox church, but may not have made a good Holy
>Roller, Mormon, or Buddhist. But now that he is Catholic, he is lost
>to the Orthodox forever.

An interesting factoid I picked up was the reason why Vlad Dracula came to be regarded as a vampire was not because he was bloodthirsty but that at the court of the King of Hungary, he converted from Orthodoxy to the Catholic church. Romanian tradition at the time held that anybody who did so was cursed as to rise again as a vampire after his death.

I imagine a similar set of traditions hold for the Gloranthan Malkioni. Rokari who defect to the Stygian faith rise as Trolls after their death.

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