7 Hells for 7 Mothers

From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Fri 09 Jun 1995 - 14:09:24 EEST

        OK, more on the Lunar afterlife.
        My current feeling is that the Lunars divide the Underworld into 7
parts, the four of the Dara Happans, plus the Dara Happan Fifth Hell, plus a Lunar afterlife, plus the 'secret' Hell. There is one of the 7 Mothers that corresponds to each of these (though I am willing to admit that this is all probably rationalised years after the 7 Mothers actual quest by some zealot).

        Peter Metcalfe quite rightly points out that - 1) the 'secret' Hell is probably not that secret if Fazzur and his priests knew about it (it could still be pretty secret, though, details told only to rune levels with a need to know or somesuch) and 2) it is probably the Pentans worst Hell, hence Shengs problems with it (Nb Gorgorma is originally Pentan then?).

        There is a classic bit of Dara Happan arrogance hidden in here. The Fifth Hell is actually all those bits of Hell that were unknown to the Dara Happans - so the Uz Hell, most of the Orlanthi Underworld, etc. are all part of the Fifth Hell. I made Jakaleel the 7 Mother that corresponded to this Hell, because to the Dara Happans it is full of troll, and she can deal with the trolls. And Danfive is the patron of the Fourth (where the imprisoned evil gods live) because that is the dangerous part, and because he can get through it on the Styx? Deezola is the patron of the Third Hell, where Lodril rules.

        Comments? More later.




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