Monster II

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Date: Sun 11 Jun 1995 - 18:57:31 EEST


Char.(M/F) Average (M/F)

STR 4d6+12/2d6+12       Move 7
CON 3d6+4               HP 20/17
SIZ 2d6+18/2d6+12       FP      41/34
INT 3                   Hit Loc's - Male as Giant Spider
POW 3d6                             Female as Giant Scorpion
DEX 2d6+6/2d6+12        Armor: Male 8pts, female 6 pts

Weapon          SR      A%      Dmg
Bite (M)        6       40+4    3d6+2d6
Palps (2;F)     6       50+7    1d6+grapple
Sting (F)       9       100     1d6+4+1d6+special

Notes: The palps grab whatever they hit, doing incidental damage equal to the damage bonus. Parrying weapons are held unless the parry is a SS or CS. The sting is only usable against a victim held by both palps. It can impale, but does 1 pt. max after penetration; 2 if it impales. The poison injected is POT=CON, acts in 1 round, and does 1/2 POT damage (1/4 if resisted). If not resisted, the victim is paralyzed for 25-CON days unless magically treated or otherwise cured. Whether or not the victim resists, the eggs are deposited. In 1d4+2 days the eggs will hatch, and the larvae will eat 2 HP/day of the location stung, moving on randomly from there once the location is at -2 x area HP. Removing the eggs requires some fancy torch application (ouch!), a difficult first aid roll, or the work of one experienced in the process (rare). Failure only causes more damage.

Skills: Climb 70-4/70+5, Dodge 30-4/45+5, Sneak 70-12/60+0, Sense Prey 60-1.

Sorry if I squandered valuable digest space; but the digest has been brief enough lately and I wanted to throw in my 99 bolgs worth (speaking of bolgs, no trolls in the Aranea or Gorakiki cults have had much to do with these things for centuries - except maybe in the Rubble? Opportunity for elaboration abounds.). My PCs ran up against these in a forgotten tomb deep in the wastelands, and had to hike for days to find a bison shaman to help their friend who was slowly being consumed. The shaman thanked them for the delicious larvae he removed, and proceeded to send braves to the tomb to investigate.

                                        --JR Hutchinson
                                         "Beware of Deinonychus"


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