In a Lunar Hell

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sun 11 Jun 1995 - 22:51:07 EEST

Dave Cake writes, apropos of the Lunar Book of the Dead:

> Danfive is the patron of the Fourth [Hell] (where the imprisoned evil gods
> live) because that is the dangerous part, and because he can get through
> it on the Styx?

Or because he's an imprisoned, evil god? Remember, the Lunar statues of Danfive Xaron show a scowling prisoner in chains. And not even the most zealous Seven Mothers cultists would defend or apologise for Danfive's murderous, criminal actions: Danfive Xaron is the proof that, however terrible your crimes may have been, you can still be redeemed by accepting the all-embracing light of the Red Goddess within your heart. But nobody says it's easy. Danfive ain't no Mister Nice Guy, and we don't treat him as such.

As I was pointing out to some Jonstowners the other week: "The Red Goddess loves you: even you!"


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