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From: David Dunham (
Date: Mon 12 Jun 1995 - 07:56:48 EEST

C R (or J R) Hutchinson said

>I'd like to hear
>how different RQers believe how magic look/sounds/smells/feels etc. to

I describe blows bouncing of Protection spells in a shower of colored sparks. And weapons with Bladesharp (or Bludgeon) flare somewhat when they hit.

A character in my Ralios game has a sword blessed by Humath to do extra damage. When it does, I describe the wind blowing up bits of dust and leaves (Humath was originally the Ralian storm deity).

I've described a Heal spell as being very warm.

Most of the others don't suggest an obvious visual effect -- I don't think spells like Coordination, Mindspeech, Second Sight, or Farsee have any visuals (though if you're watching, you can probably see something when they're cast).

By the way, a couple words about my Web pages <> -- I've moved the East Ralios files, so you may need to force your browser to reload in order to get them. And some revisions to the Storm pantheon may make it easier for some Web browsers (reducing the number of simultaneous sessions might help, too). And the site is still evolving (frex, I just added some campaign writeups, if you're into that sort of thing). And be sure to check out the alternate material from the Swedish trio I borrowed much of my campaign background from, and Jeff Richard's writeup of my First Age Bemuri game. If you have anything on Ralios (west or east), I'd be willing to add it.

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