More stuff on my pages (incl. Vinga)

From: Bryan Maloney (
Date: Tue 13 Jun 1995 - 02:30:40 EEST

Well, I've added more stuff to my campaign pages (great thing to do while I keep an eye on my fifteen-month-old on the weekends while my wife sleeps). Featured are a description of Orlanth's religion from the point of view of a Garhounder and a revised writeup of Vinga's cult. I also explain how beer occurs in Glorantha.

As always:

will get you into it.

Still no pictures, but my wife's working as fast as she can.

PS: Loren, my wife would like her account back, and the guy at Cornell seems to have flaked out. You still have room for a set of pages that would fit onto a DD 3.5" floppy disk uncompressed?

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