Ancient Glorantha

From: Greybeard (
Date: Tue 13 Jun 1995 - 11:51:43 EEST

Ancient Glorantha.

I would love to know if anyone has run some campaigns in older periods of Glorantha than the 1580-1620 period? Redaing Peter Metcalfe talking oif the Artmali, and pondering the God Learner write up in TOTRM, I began to wonder about some ancient Glorantha vignettes. Maybe one -offs or short games to sample the ancient world.

Oddly enough, this seems perfect for Pendragon mechanics, which I am cool on normally, maybe my mind is undergoing a hideous Jrusteli Mind Switch and if Glorantha The Game comes out, I will know that it is and always has been the mechanics system for me?!

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