Humakti and rituals of rebirth

From: Tim Ellis (
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 00:50:32 EEST

Some thoughts on Humakt and the Kygor Lytor or Bagog rituals of rebirth, prompted by Lords of Terror, and specifically K'Rana the Scorpion Queen Sword of Humakt.

One of Humakts attributes as the primary embodiment of the death rune in Glorantha is that his worshipers may not be resurrected or otherwise brought back to life. This seems to be given as an absolute in the published write ups (CoP and TORM) rather than a Cult rule that will cause spirits of reprisal to appear if it is trangressed.

The question of a Humakti being reborn as either a Scorpion Man or Troll (and maybe other non human races too?) does not seem to be considered. Arkat, of course, was reborn as a Troll, but I don't recall whether he was a Humakti, as well as being Humaktson, and now we have K'Rana in Lords of Terror. If my reading of the prohibition is correct, and it is not just an Orlanthi "all" then there must be an extra factor at play here. There are a number of possibilities, including 1/ The ritual of rebirths described are also the initiatory rites for Kygor Lytor or Bagog for non-native worshippers, and these goddesses protect their new child from Humakt.
2/ Humakti can be resurrected etc, just like anyone else, but no-one ever does, because. culturally, they don't believe it possible. 3/ Not being reborn is another Humakti geas that all initiates get, so a resurrected/reborn Humakti is subject to spirits of reprisal. 4/ K'Rana is Illuminated, so maybe illuminated Humakti can be illuminated (part of illuminates general protection from spirits of reprisal?) 5/ When K'Rana embraced Lunar civilization, she also swapped Humakt for Yanafil Tarnils, so resurrection/rebirth presents no problem 6/ Humakti + Illunination = Yanafil Tarnils  

Any ideas?

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