Piers Gaveston, etc.

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 01:16:02 EEST

John Hughes writes:

> Go see it. And when you're there, give a hearty cry against English
> tyranny, Lunar treachery, American Cultural Imperialism and Scottish
> dress sense. In whatever order you like.

Pity he's not talking about "Rob Roy," a damn' good Gloranthan source. (I've not yet seen this Gibson twaddle, but can probably find the time. Rob Roy has dead good Lunars, Sartarites, manners, etc. And read John Prebble's "Glencoe" and "Culloden" for more Scottish/Sartarite fun).

> A pity in some ways, because {Edward II's] story (and character) is
> complex and many-layered (Piers Gaveston aside...).

P.G. is one of the *more* fascinating aspects of Edward II. You know that Eddie 2, along with Billy 2, offers some of the most convincing examples of relatively modern tanistry and sacral kingship you're ever going to find? Sarcasm it may seem, but the frequent description of Piers Gaveston as the "alter-rex" should certainly raise the eyebrows of any good Frazerian cum Gravesian myth-interpreter!

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