Sog City, the West, and Alternate Gloranthas

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Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 05:55:12 EEST

I've decided to start up a pseudo-Glorantha campaign and could use suggestions. The players will start the campaign as foreigners arriving in Sog's harbor. A gigantic, gothic, rotting metropolis really appeals to me. I'd really like any pointers to more information on the city. I no longer have a copy of the boxed Glorantha set but I don't recall there being much on Sog. Just that the population had a lot of Wertagi and that there was a compound of Brithini who sort of ran the place. I vaguelly recall that there is a university there?

I've decided to go a bit astray from standard Glorantha because I have some ideas that conflict with Gloranthan sources and also because I have no material that deals with the west. I've decided to use Elric! as the rules system with Divine magic from RQ grafted on. I'm using the lawful spells from Elric and the Bronze Grimoire as Malkioni prayers and will probably write up some Presence/Vessel rules ala Paul Reily and Sandy Petersen to enable Sorcerors to be more powerful. I'm going to use bits of the Melnibone supplement for ideas on the Brithini, and use Eldarad(yes I think it sucks too) and miscellanious other city supplements to mine for ideas.

What I'd really like to find are some suggestions for what sort of groups live in Sog. Most of the population will probably worship the sea gods and Malkionism with lots of cults thrown in. A Humath/Humact death cult that kidnaps people to ritually murder them will be fun. I've also got plans for rival groups of Arkati in the city. - --
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