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        Let me see if I got this right; the Star Captain showed up, chucked two pretty meagre lightning bolts (instead of shafts of Starlight), then did the demoralize/fanaticise thing.

        Question: did the SC hang around (to maintain the demoralize/fanaticism) or pop back out?

        I am thinking about what happens to people when they are inside a Lune or Shade that suddenly 2 points a medium Lune. The magical effect is nastier as there is still a 50% chance of success if the character resists, but it covers a smaller area. Then The Lune hangs around and fights physically. Maybe the SC should engage opponents in spirit combat?

        At any rate it's sounds like a good move; it'll teach your PCs that they don't know what magics other people might have.... keeps the game fresh.


        Arkat was no longer a member of the Humakt cult when he was reborn as a troll. IMO, a Humakti that is initiated into another cult is also tied to that cult's patron; who perchance might make it possible for the initiate to be restored to life. (That one is a tough call, I'd probably leave it as a GM option.) Of course, if the Humakti does get restored, he's got lot's of explaining to do. Alternately, this might automatically bounce him out of the cult of Humakt. This tends to result in gifts that no longer function, while the linked geas's still do....

        As for K'Rana, I haven't read the source material, but I'd go with #5; she 'changed her sword'. This renders the debate moot.

        As far as #6 is concerned (H+I=YT), be prepared for a lot of screaming coming your way...

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