Re: Polestar; Thanatar

From: David Dunham (
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 06:49:59 EEST

Pam Carlson interpreted the cryptic RQ4:AiG draft for Polestar:

>Call Star Captain, reuseable, instant, ranged, 2 points, stackable?
>This spell summons Polaris to send a bolt of star energy screaming down to
>earth to support his followers. The ball shatters into 2 lightening bolts
>which do 1d6 of lightning damage to a target within 3 meters of the point
>of impact (armor and spells protect).
>At the heart of the Star Captain is a spirit (POW 2d6+6) which Demoralizes
>all foes within a radius equal to POW in meters if they fail to resist. The
>Demoralizes occur 1 SR after the Star captain strikes.

I'd lose the lightning damage, two whole bolts? The Demoralize is a pretty nice effect all by itself.

>But does anybody have any ideas how a Star Captain works? How does this
>sound? Dave Dunham thought it minght be sort of an etherial warrior, which
>I thought would be Big Game Fun, too.

Given that other Call spells summon a being, I imagined that some sort of Star Captain would come screaming down from the sky. He'd no doubt be armored in meteorite iron, be able to cast fireballs, and otherwise be really gross. Chances are, this would only work at night (which it happened to be). Which is kind of awkward, considering most battles aren't fought at night. (Maybe this is the reason for "we attack at dawn?") On the other hand, that balances it being a 2-point spell.

Another Polestar feature: Grazer shamans contact Polestar. They can receive spirits which incarnate in (possess) a battle leader, increasing his Battle skill.

Peter Metcalfe wondered

> can we rehabilitate the Thanatari? <g>

You might have noticed that in my East Ralios, all Orlanthi are head-hunters (trophy heads are, well, trophies, but they can also be used to enhance your Demoralize spell against the kin and clan of the head). A perfect cover for Thanatari...

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