Ancient Glorantha

From: David Dunham (
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 07:46:27 EEST

Tom Zunder asked

>I would love to know if anyone has run some campaigns in older periods of
>Glorantha than the 1580-1620 period? Redaing Peter Metcalfe talking
>oif the Artmali, and pondering the God Learner write up in TOTRM, I began
>to wonder about some ancient Glorantha vignettes. Maybe one -offs or
>short games to sample the ancient world.
>Oddly enough, this seems perfect for Pendragon mechanics, which I am cool on
>normally, maybe my mind is undergoing a hideous Jrusteli Mind Switch and if
>Glorantha The Game comes out, I will know that it is and always has been the
>mechanics system for me?!

Ding ding ding! At our Seattle/Victoria mini-convention, I ran a one-shot set in First Age Ralios (coincidentally, the very spot my Third Age game occurs). My inspiration was largely the Broken Council Guidebook (lamentably, I am not ubiquitous and couldn't play in the actual Broken Council LARP). The players were all Bemuri, cattle hsunchen. I stole lots from the Pendragon supplement _Beyond the Wall_ for First Age hsunchen (frex, they didn't yet use spirit magic, instead calling on totems and spirit helpers). It was very educational, and helped explain a lot of the customs I'd determined had to exist in the Third Age. The players all seemed to have fun as their worshippers of "Da Bull!" met strange people clad in metal who followed the brother of Humath the Storm.

Needless to say, I used PenDragon Pass rules. Who wants to be bogged down in multi-hour combats when you're at a convention? (Or any other time, but I digress.)

Jeff Richard did a writeup; you can find it from my East Ralios page <>. Neil Robinson promises to do one, too.

BTW, my Third Age campaign started before 1580. And I doubt that Glorantha: the Game will bear a close resemblance to Pendragon (pure speculation here, since I've never seen it).

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