Lunar Evangelism

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Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 10:06:12 EEST

Sean asks:

> What are the names of the Seven Mothers? My cousin
> reeled them off to me but I have long forgotten.

Jakaleel the Witch, "Spindle Hag"
Teelo Norri, "Young Life"
Queen Deezola, "The Binder Within"
Yanafal Tarnils, "Ram and Warrior"
Irrippi Ontor, "The Brown Man"
Danfive Xaron, "Bridge for the Seeker"
unnamed servant, "She Who Waits"

Praise them! Worship them! Love them!

Pam asks about Star Captains:

I have an old, old draft of the Chaosium Dayzatar cult, which includes the following spell. I think a more recent version was posted by Sandy a year or so ago, but can't check this. Anyoldhow:

Call Shanasse
1 point, ranged, temporal, stackable, reusable

This spell calls a sky warrior to earth. He falls like a meteor and lands in fire before the summoner. The sky warrior has 1D6 in all characteristics for each 3 points expended in his summoning. He has combat skills equal to 5% attack, parry, and dodge for each point expended and fights with a 2H spear and composite bow made of sky-stuff, which act like earthly bronze. He will cast no spells, but accepts appropriate spells cast upon him. He has no natural armour and moves at a rate of 10. His weapons evaporate on his death, with his corpse. He is not under the control of his summoner, and can make his own decisions.
[This spell can be combiened with special rituals to summon a full Star Captain in times of dire emergency.] {Not here...}

That last bit in brackets is a manual deletion and a scribbled note on my copy (not by me!), included for reference.

Curtis Shenton asks about Sog City.

MOB, Kevin Jacklin and myself wrote a guidebook to the City and University for "How the West was One". David Hall is still advertising copies for sale on the back of Tales #13, so I imagine he has some spares. Why not contact him (or your local Megacorp rep.) for details? All our bits were written from a Gloranthan POV, as documents you could show to or photocopy for your players. If you've seen that and have any more questions, I'd be delighted to attempt to answer them for our version of Sog (which includes charming bits of local colour like: two Waertagi factions, the Blues and Greens, who hold their annual Boat Race through the streets; the Church of Holy Law, still occasionally used by the Brithini (who built it) as a courtroom; the Brithini master sorcerers who use the University as a life-support system; Chief Judge Grudd - "I am the Law"; what happens when you piss against the Wall of Red Hot Brass; and sundry other details).


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