Star Captains and movie recommendations

From: Soren Petersen (
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 10:49:59 EEST

Pam Carlson asks:
>But does anybody have any ideas how a Star Captain works? How does this
>sound? Dave Dunham thought it might be sort of an etherial warrior, which
>I thought would be Big Game Fun, too.

and Andrew Joelson replies:
>Given that other Call spells summon a being, I imagined that some sort of
>Star Captain would come screaming down from the sky. He'd no doubt be
>armored in meteorite iron, be able to cast fireballs, and otherwise be
>really gross.

How about this:
You hear a strange, unearthly sound and four men suddenly materialize in front of you. All four wear the same uniform - differently coloured shirts, tight black trousers and shiny boots. They appear unarmed, having neither swords nor missile weapons. One of them, wearing a red shirt, is promptly attacked by your enemy and falls to the ground. Two of the men pull strange-looking metal devices from their belts and point them at your enemy. Beams of light, clearly powerful rune magic, shoot out of the devices and strike down the attacker. The last man kneels down by his fallen companion in the red shirt, waves another weird-looking device over him and turns to the leader of the strange group; "He's dead, Jim".... :)

Sandy recommends different films for Gloratha-inspiration. I would also include "Life of Brian" - one of the best (and funniest) views on the Roman (Lunar) occupation and rival rebel groups. "Masada" gets my vote too - a brilliant portrayal of the everyday life of roman soldiers during a long siege (good ideas for Whitewall). Finally, let me recommend the hilarious "Chelmsford 123" - not a movie, but an english tv-series about Aulus Paulinus, newly-appointed roman governor arriving in barbaric Chelmsford....great stuff!

LVNARI ITE DOMVM! Soren Petersen

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