Rebirth and Illumination

From: Mike Cule (
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 16:56:30 EEST

Tim Ellis wants to know how come some Humakti get to be reborn...

The simple answer is: all of the cases you cite involve Illuminates.

Arkat was an Illuminate from way back (and used it to betray every cult he ever joined, except maybe Kyger Litor who he didn't need to betray since he had won by then), Yanafal Tarnils was an Illuminate and so was the Scorpion Lady Sword.

Humakt will otherwise stop anyone from raising/rebirthing one of his.

But Illuminates can ignore cult strictures like that either secretly or openly. That's why people don't trust them. Even the gods can't touch them...

(This has always been part of the Illumination schtick: your post seems to
imply you aren't familiar with this?)

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