Braveheart Apostasy

From: Roderick Robertson (
Date: Wed 14 Jun 1995 - 19:55:00 EEST

Our poor deluded Brother Cheng has fallen from the true path.

>From: David Cheng <>
>Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 0:07:27 EDT
>Subject: _Braveheart_ Evangelism

>I hereby declare Roderick Robertson and Michael O'Brien apostate, and
>grumpy old curmudgeons to boot (and I thought I was bad . . . )

   Agh, ya young whippersnapper. I saved my *real* hatchet job for the Ars Magica List, where someone went on about how it was so historically accurate.

>Who cares about crap like historical accuracy, Hollywood star Ego stroking,
>Aussies doing Scottish accents, or plot? When the action is as good as it
>is, not me!

  The only thing about the movie which all the people I've talked to agree on is the action. Otherwise, my historian friends, and my costumer friends, and my armor-making friends, and my Scottish friends have all thrown up their hands at it.

>I stand firm by my proclimation that this is a great RQ movie. I think it
>would be especially good to show a bunch of RQ beginners. Tell them the
>English are kinda like the Lunars, and the Scots are kinda like the
>Sartarites. It will really help convey the mood and setting, especially
>with Mel going on about 'honor' and 'freedom' like he does - two very
>important Orlanthi virtues, I might add.

Other good movies for action:

   Ben Hur
   Spartacus (The inspiration for Mel's Action sequences)    The Wind and the Lion (Sean Connery as a Morrocan Sheik, good fun!)    Lawrence of Arabia (Peter O'Toole as a madman)    There was a movie about the battle of Marathon, whose name I can't remember, that showed (somewhat) what greek spearmen were like. As I remember, the Persian costumes were pretty good, and it had a weak sub-plot about a boy who loves a girl and they march to Marathon to prove it (or something).    

>I'm going to make sure I go _again_ before the film leaves the theatres.
>Then I'm going to buy a copy when it comes out for home viewing.
>So there!

   I'm actually thinking of going to see it again, this time not expecting to see a movie about Scotland, but Mad Max Beyond the Wall (or Woad Warrior, as some people call it). Too bad the $.99 movie house down the road closed *sniff*.


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