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Doraddi Tales

	The First Night
	The Doraddi Lightbringers Myth
	The Doraddi Secret Wise Men Lightbringers Myth
	How Pamalt Saved the People
	Typical Pamaltelan Animal Story
	Artmal's Battle With Cronisper
	Pamalt's Problem
	Duala and the Seven Monsters
	Trickster's First Poisoning of Hoolar
	Trickster's Second Poisoning of Hoolar
	A Pamaltelan Story of Sorrow
	Hon Hoolbiktu and the Magic Men
Kralorela Tales
	It Is Just As Good
	The Sick Cherry Tree
	What Happened to the False Dragon Ring?
	The Snow Monkeys
	A Kralorelan Double-Couplet
	The Wise Desman
	The Story of Shang-Hsa-May-His-Name-Be-Cursed
Pelorian Tale
	Gorgorma and the Evil Dreams

>Re: the invisible sorcery, here's question that came up in an old
>Does a being with Enhance STR appear more muscular?
>Does a being with Enhance SIZ appear larger? Need larger armor?

First of all, IMO, Sorcery, at least during the initial casting, is NOT invisible. I believe that most magic is visible, audible. Heck, it even has a characteristic smell. And if you put your hand into the stream of magic, you can feel it. There are, I believe, few exceptions to this, and I think that RQ is remiss in not mentioning this detail.

        I do not believe that a being with Enhance STR looks more muscular. Once the spell is (visibly) cast, then .he is simply (invisibly) stronger.

        I believe that a being with Enhance SIZ actually becomes incrementally larger. If you cast Enhance SIZ 3 on a praying mantis, you get a mantis the size of a small dog. If you cast Enhance SIZ on a person wearing armor, then if his size grows more than 5 points higher, his armor becomes less effective (bare spots poke through the cracks).

        I base the 5-point rule on the fact that RQ armor seems to fit people within a 5 SIZ range so I figure if you have good-fitting armor, it'll fit you up to 5 SIZ bigger. I don't think you'll take damage or anything from expanding within your armor, because most RQ armor isn't hermetically sealed breastplattes. Instead it's more like rummage-sale armor, with straps and knots, and strips of metal. Easily expandible.

>But does anybody have any ideas how a Star Captain works?

        I think it's another type of Shanasse, and the spell works just like the Dayzatar spell Call Shanasse. Which is, of course, a highly powerful and gross spell, but on the other hand it's ceremonial so your Lunar guy couldn't have used it. Maybe he has a spell like Starbolt or something that works kind of like a night-time Sunspear or like your own spell as described.

Tim Ellis
>One of Humakts attributes as the primary embodiment of the death
>rune in Glorantha is that his worshipers may not be resurrected or
>otherwise brought back to life.

        This is normally the case. Extremely powerful magic or sources of evil can, however, violate this rule. And if the Humakti is apostate, all bets are off.

>The question of a Humakti being reborn as either a Scorpion Man or
>Troll (and maybe other non human races too?) does not seem to be

        The troll initiation ceremony is not a "resurrection". It is a "rebirth". When you join Humakt, you bet there's a symbolic death to your previous life, too. The Bagog ritual of devouring I believe also symbolizes the carrying on of life, not a death thing.

>(Note: I believe that the Lunar Purgatory opens both ways, and
that >sometimes folks are purged in order to enable them to drop into Hell >afterwards.)

>What? You send good people that you don't like to Purgatory so they
>can be dumped in the Pits of Perdition?!?

        No. In order to enter certain of the Lunar Hells, you must first undergo preparation and purgation. If you're assigned to one of those hells, you first get Purgatory. Also, while you're in Purgatory, you're still accessible to heroquesting and conversation. Then, when you're dumped into the Hell, it is _much_ more difficult to contact you.

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