Sog City and "Loch Lomond"

Date: Thu 15 Jun 1995 - 02:45:47 EEST

To think the right way about Sog City, imagine it as a combination of Constantinople (the fish smell, the Blues and Greens, and turn the map on its side!); Jerusalem (the location of the martyrdom and the pilgrimages) and Dis (the burning brass wall behind which live immortal evil beings). Re Loch Lomond: Mike Cule is right: I remember John Dickson Carr in one of his rollicking mystery novels of the 30's complaining about that decade's version of Rob Roy, which has the hero and his friends, disguised as farmers, singing "Loch Lomond" as they pass British soldiers, and saying "they'll never suspect us now." Carr complains that this is like a British spy singing "God Save the King" as he walsk down the Unter Den Linden. In fact, of course, "God Save the King" was written at the same time and Became the British national anthem in the '45. Jim Chapin

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