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Date: Thu 15 Jun 1995 - 09:07:47 EEST

I borrowed a copy of the University of Sog City Conference Guide and it's great! The only complaint is that there doesn't seem to actually be a map of good old USC in the book. But that's a trivial complaint. Everything I've read has been usefull. In retrospect I can't imagine running a Sog city campaign without it. But I do have some more questions. I'm not entirely clear on the status of the Elder races in Sog. Are there any trolls, elves, or dwarves running about? For that matter do any of the sects of the Invisible God accept non humans? A troll Hrestoli could be amusing...

Any good reasons for the city not to have sewers? I've dug up an old WD article on Bargees, people who live in the sewers and think they would make a great addition to Sog.

What sort of chaos cults are active in or near Sog city? Krarsht is the only cult I currently plan to have active in the city, there is enough other stuff inside to keep players busy and there is always the swamp for real Chaos Horrors. And speaking of chaos what about the lunars? I don't see the lunars as having a big presence in the city. Maybe just a Seven Mothers temple and a Red Goddess initiate/sorceror or two trying to pitch there "we worship the creator too!" story.

Has anyone developed the judges more? I'm thinking about making them a pseudo-Guild and have the apprentices double as rickshaw drivers for actual full judges, the journeymen of course would have the title Law Masters.

And what about the university? Any suggestions for goings on within those halls of learning? I've got several ideas for rival schools of thought but could always use more. And what should it take to become a student of the school?
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