Adventurous Death

From: John Leske (
Date: Thu 15 Jun 1995 - 12:42:53 EEST

Regarding Humakti and dying, I seem to remember from CoP, that Humakti _cannot_ be resurrected, ie this is not a choice issue (Illumination aside). And if through some "extreme evil" (as someone else said) they are changed to undead, they will hunt down and kill the cause of this state.

Now _there_ is an interesting story device. What does a player Humakti do when faced with an undead? Will the motivation of the undead be recognised? I remember the zombie Humakti ducks from Duck Tower. But they were just lay members- undead as an insult to Humakt. How much violation would the tortured spirit of an initiate have: As a Zombie? As a Vampyre? Perhaps a fun loving undead (cf. 'Lost Boys'~ sleep all day, party all night) does this as a joke, and sleeps in a place where the undead must travel through a town with Humakti to chase the vamp. And dress the corpse in say, Orlanthi symbols, before setting them loose.

Regarding movies, I have always had a soft spot for 'Lady Hawk'. Of course in a more raucous vein, 'Hawk the Slayer' was fun (though I've yet to see a home-gaming group of players ever be THAT coordinated), and 'The Princess Bride' was so over-the-top I just had to love it.


(and a big THANKS to everyone who provided info on Sartar/Far Point tribes,  I'll be interested to see the canonical version.) << Lurk ON >>

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