Enhance SIZ & Polestar

From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 15 Jun 1995 - 12:42:59 EEST

Sandy sez that armour should fit for upto Enhance SIZ 5 and uses the armour lists which have a 5 point range as justification. I think not.

  1. I am not sure that the convenient clumping of armour into ranges for the purpose of ENC and cost justifies the assumption that SIZE 11 armour is identical to SIZE 15 armour. After all armour does have to be fitted to be effective (especially WRT mobility). Sandy does however point out that most adventurers were a collection rather than a unified whole suit which does allow him *some* leeway (but NOT 5 points)!
  2. The legal argument:- Even assuming that there is a case for the armour in a range being roughly the same size and fitting all. A range of 5 points is basically your true SIZ plus or minus 2 so I would rule that if you change SIZ by more than 2 armour becomes less effective (as a rule of thumb -1 AP per extra SIZ over plus 2).

Actually, I am stricter than this as a GM and rule that armour will only fit those within 1 SIZ. In my campaign I had a small human sorceror (SIZ 8) who used to cast Reduce SIZ on him/herself (Yes it changed, but thats a long story) to have SIZ 1. This was so s/he could really zip about with a fly spell. Consequently s/he had to have a really small suit of armour made and had to learn the weapon skill of 2 handed dagger (not surprisingly s/he is still only in the 70s with this when the rest of the party are Rune Lords). As a beneficial side effect the ENC of metal in these very small weapons and armour is very low so does not interfer as much with spell casting.

Star Captains:
I like what I have been hearing but
They should use red hot weapons which act as fireblade and firearrow!



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