Crimson Moonievision

From: David Hall (
Date: Thu 15 Jun 1995 - 14:02:17 EEST

All Hail the Reaching Moon!

Tales #13, the Go West! special, is now out in the UK and should be hitting the shops very soon. Even more momentus than that is the delivery of Wyrms Footprints to my humble abode (I'm just recovering from lugging them all up to my flat). Copies will soon be winging their way to Chaosium in the USA.


What's the cheapest place to get Wyrms Footprints I hear you ask? Well, direct from me is the cheapest, fastest and meanest way. Oh yes! It's only 9.49 pounds including postage in the UK, 10.45 pounds to Europe, and 12.35 pounds elsewhere
(tho' not the USA/Canada). Make cheques payable to "David Hall". My sales
support staff (err... me) are waiting for your order right now! Reaching Moon needs YOU!

and that's not all folks...

Tales of the Reaching Moon back issues:

Issue #11 & #12 L2.50 each

Reaching Moon Megacorp Productions:

University of Sog City Conference Guide L8.00 each Includes the Lonely Lozenge Guide to
Sog City, a history of Malkionism, and
details of the 7th Ecclesiastical Council of Malkion. (US Reprint)

Wyrms Footprints L9.49 each
Includes many of the best articles from the late and much lamented Wyrms
Footnotes magazine, as well as new
material. 112 pages, full colour cover. Also available from Chaosium Inc.

Jar-Eel Assassin T-Shirt (L only) L12.99 each

Other Publications:

The RuneQuest-Con Compendium L10.00 each Includes Gloranthan stories, Home of the Bold 2 narratives, and transcripts of the Gloranthan Lore auction, Greg Stafford
HeroQuesting seminar, etc.

The Broken Council Guidebook L8.00 each By Shannon Appel, Stephen Martin,
Paul Reilly and Eric Rowe. Includes details on the period up to the Broken Council:
History, Geography, personalities, etc.

Make cheques payable to "David Hall". Please add 10 percent for orders to Europe
(except the UK) and 30 percent elsewhere. Send orders to: David Hall, 21
Stephenson Court, Osborne Street, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1TN, England.

Who needs rose-tinted spectacles? Crimson Moonievision can be yours. It's just a postage stamp (and cheque) away.

Sales pitch off,


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