Even more questions about Sog and the West

From: Curtis Shenton (curtiss@netcom.com)
Date: Thu 15 Jun 1995 - 20:11:45 EEST

I'm working on background events for my Sog campaign and I'd like to add in the dragonnewts who marched to Sog. I'd always wanted to run the campaign that was written up in WF11 or 12 and Elder secrets where a Dragonnewt caravan hires some humans as they march towards Sog city. Having them arrive should stir things up in Sog. Has anyone run this adventure? How did you run events in Sog? And what the hell are the Dragonnewts doing in Sog? I'm going to have them do some sort of ritual around the old Dragonship masthead but other than that I don't have any ideas.

Do Malkioni heroquest? The heroquest material I've read really helped get a handle on the normal RQ gods. But I don't remember any mention of heroquesting out West. Trying to emulate a Saint seems like the most likely candidate for heroquesting. I can also imagine some wizards going on Spock like heroquests to deny their emotions and passions in order to reach a better understanding of pure Logic.

I've decided to run a sort of Heart of Darkness heroquest if the PCs get hooked up with the Arkati. But I think the players will try and avoid them. One player is interested in illumination but I think illuminates would keep an even lower profile in the west than they do is say Sartar.

And finally what's the difference between the Law rune and the Stasis rune? I explained the law rune to a player as symbolising the laws of the universe and stasis as being the rune of stability and unchanging. - --
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