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> I'm not entirely clear on the status of the Elder races in
>Sog. Are there any trolls, elves, or dwarves running about?

        I had no dwarves, very few trolls (the odd Argan Argar merchant), and a few elves - not a lot, but most of the city inhabitants would have seen an elf or two. The elves generally came from Winterwood (which is quite nearby), and where green elves. They are allied with the Grotarons, who similarly occasionally visit the city (often as bearers for the elves). The elves are unpopular in Loskalm due to the Greenleaf rebellion, so Sog is their best chance at trade with humans.

 For that
>matter do any of the sects of the Invisible God accept non humans? A
>troll Hrestoli could be amusing...

        Not that I know of. But I find the idea of Hrestoli trolls amusing as well, with all the Hrestoli horrified but trying to reconcile their revulsion with the Hrestoli doctrines of equal opportunity.

>Any good reasons for the city not to have sewers? I've dug up an old WD
>article on Bargees, people who live in the sewers and think they would
>make a great addition to Sog.

        My version of Sog had outrageous, century old sewers. Probably all sorts of things down there (ossuaries like the Paris ones, for example). It included some largely underwater sea temples (long forgotten by almost everybody) and parts of it had been taken over by all sorts of lowlife - which brings me to....

>What sort of chaos cults are active in or near Sog city?

        I had Thanatari, based in the sewers, mostly Atyari, drawn to the University like flies. No real headhunters, but fond of kidnapping people from the University and casting Consume Mind. And a horror to fight in the sewers, especially when they cast their Extinguish spells and advance under cover of Darklight.

        There was also one streetgang that contained several ogres, and probably more ogres than that. A good place for ogres - lots of people, life is cheap, many of the people are refugees with no contacts, and lots of old deserted parts of the city for them to do their work. A few of the Kingdom of War Humakti (there were several competing factions) worshipped Mallia as an associate. Mallia worship was visiously suppressed in the city, but the Dilis broos kept trying to reintroduce it.

> And speaking of chaos what about the lunars? I
>don't see the lunars as having a big presence in the city. Maybe just a
>Seven Mothers temple and a Red Goddess initiate/sorceror or two trying
>to pitch there "we worship the creator too!" story.


        I see very few Lunars in Sog. But a few, mostly merchants or mercenaries originating from Riverjoin or further East. Probably feeling very lost!

>Has anyone developed the judges more? I'm thinking about making them a
>pseudo-Guild and have the apprentices double as rickshaw drivers for
>actual full judges, the journeymen of course would have the title Law

        I had them mostly just thugs. They did have a torturer wing, though (and they took themselves pretty seriously, a la Book of the New Sun).

>I'm working on background events for my Sog campaign and I'd like to add
>in the dragonnewts who marched to Sog.

I never thought of anything clever.

>Do Malkioni heroquest? The heroquest material I've read really helped
>get a handle on the normal RQ gods. But I don't remember any mention of
>heroquesting out West. Trying to emulate a Saint seems like the most
>likely candidate for heroquesting. I can also imagine some wizards going
>on Spock like heroquests to deny their emotions and passions in order to
>reach a better understanding of pure Logic.

        I had some Wizards (Brithini or God learner ones particularly, like the ones that are rife at the University) basically go on quests to basically explore the heroplane and gain power or knowledge, with no religious basis.



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