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Hi All

        WRT what happens to Humakti who leave the cult and incidently what happens when Humakti meet undead. Here is a brief write up of a game I ran recently (the mechanics were my own Basic One Dice Gloranthan Epic Roleplaying System *BODGERS*).

        Playing the Dyskund Caverns scenario from Shadows on the Borderlands. The hirer was a Lunar PC (human) who claimed to be an Irrippi Ontor worshipper but in fact he worships Yanafal and used to be a Humakti Sword. At this point a little history is in order. The Humakti had at one point been adventuring with a rather mixed party (Orlanthi Human, Chalana Arroy healer, Aldrya shaman, Firshala sorceror (no one else would speak to her and release her so it was either accept a sorceror or stay imprisoned for another few centuries) & Morocanth Sword of Humakt!).

They went into SPH, went down the caverns and came across the rock wall that separates The Void (Chaos) from Glorantha. The Humakti decided (for some inexplicable reason) to try to break the wall. He hit the wall with his greatsword with a hefty dose of bladesharp, truesword and damage boosting and criticalled the wall which I ruled had 40AP! He smashed it and Chaos started to flood in. The Chalana Arroy Healer, Humakti Rune Lord Morocanth & the Firshala High Priest sorceror all succeded in DI. The Humakti human who had caused the trouble didn't even bother! Together the 3 gods were just able to heal the rift Humakt killed the Chaos, Firshala quaterized the flow and Chalana Arroy healed the wound. The successful DIers were rewarded with gifts by their gods equal to the POW used (the Humakti used 3 POW in the DI and got Sever Spirit spell and was knighted. He still has the white stripe on head and shoulders where DEATH touched his fur.) Now there are closer cult ties between these cults in my campaign.

So anyway the Human Humakti, Amyr Raptoe, was not now in the best favour. When they got back to town the story slowly got out to some of their friends. Unfortunately, it came to the ears of a Bison Storm Kahn who often adventured with the party. He rode up to Amyr Raptoe in the street and asked him whether the rumours that he had released Chaos into the world were true. Amyr Raptoe denied everything and stated that anything that had happened was "None of your business." Needless to say the Storm Kahn did not see things this way and challenged him again and was again refuted by AR. This happened a third time by which time Humakt (the GM) was heartily disgusted with AR but could not interfer as the fight was between two PCs. Fortunately, at this point the SK had had enough and shouted "Die Chaos Scum" and charged the Humakti. At this point Humakt rather hoped that the Humakti would be killed and thus Honour satisfied all round. Unfortuantely, both combatants were very skilled but AR had the edge as he still had the sorcery spells running from his trip to SPH. Eventually after falling twice & DIing the SK was killed and his spirit rose up and went to dwell with SB (DIed to zero POW). The Humakti staggered away battered and bleeding to his temple. However, when he got there the doors slammed in his face, his iron greatsword shattered in his hand and he was left stripped of his arms cast out of his cult; not for releasing Chaos but for lying about it. Also the cult did not care to deliberately foster such bad relations with SB over such a dodgy matter.

So Amyr Raptoe left for the Lunar Empire where he was welcomed into the cult of YT. He still had an annoying problem in that swords (except the scimitar) had a tendency to break when he tried to use the in ernest. However, he was still a very experienced and resourceful adventurer and thus was chosen by the Lunar Authorities to lead a coert expedition to assess Dyskund Caverns.

Unfortunately, for AR, one of the group he hired was a Humakti initiate. When the party came onto a ledge overlooking the Candle Room the rest of the party wisely decided to withdraw but the Humakti drew his greatsword and leapt down onto the nearest coffin driving his blade through the crystal lid into the vampire inside (he criticalled). The vampire started to stir and the zombies and skeletons started pouring out of the pit and grabbing the Humakti. AR & a Yelornan had stayed behind to see if they could rescue their Humakti Collegue were unable to save him even though they lowered a rope. When all seemed lost and the Humakti was slowly being pulled down by a scores of undead he called on Humakt to save him. The three of them saw a great, dark, incorpereal blade sweep down through the stirring vampire, turning it to dust. The Yelornan was surprised to find the Humakti was standing beside her. And they were both surprised to find that AR was desparately trying to tear off his cuirboulli armour which was covered with molten metal from where his dagger had been! AR now knows that Humakt is the god of the Death rune and Truth and never forgets...

Had AR been wearing his YT regalia he would have found that all his (non-curved) death runes did nasty things. Scimitars, however, are immune. The only way that he could rid himself of this nuisance whenever Humakt is DIed to is to do the full YT heroquest and defeat Humakt in combat!

I hope this is not too long, and provides some interest. It is only a personal view of the universe and some bits had to be done on the spur of the moment to handle those unpredictable players.



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