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This is really a rules question, but it has application to Glorantha so I'll cover it here.

I proposed that armor fits up to 5 SIZ points up and down from your own SIZ. I do not intend by this that it fit comfortably, or be effective for long-term use.

        Lewis Jardine makes a case for only 2 SIZ point range, or even a 1 SIZ point range.

        When my players get armor, I require them to have it fitted to their own correct size, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. This isn't an onerous chore. I presume that if a player scavenges a hunk of ringmail off a dead troll, he's got the minimal skills necessary to loosen or tighten the leather strips, trim excess length or stitch extra on, and basically make it fit. Of course if the armor is _way_ too big or too small, then I force him to go to a professional to fix it up (or exercise his own Leatherworking or Armoring skills).

        But for a short period of time I don't mind letting players wear armor that is way off their current SIZ. There are drawbacks to doing so. I have been known to inflict increased fatigue loss, +1% chance of a fumble in combat (because of the unaccustomed looseness), +1% chance of an enemy's critical hit (because of gaps in the armor), and I also have the armor wear sore spots on the player's hide. So no one would want to wear unfitting armor for longer than a few minutes or hours.

        BUT, I don't want to forbid it at all, because to do so makes the Enhance SIZ spell gross. If Enhancing SIZ by a mere 3 points renders all your armor useless, this is one of the mightiest offensive spells in the game. So I go with long-term flexibility.

Curtis Shenton
>Do Malkioni heroquest?

        Yes. Arkat heroquested as a Brithini, then as a Malkioni, and only then as a theist. He recognized sites on the Malkioni heroquest rites when going places as a Humakti, which is what cued him in that the heroplane was one big place that _everyone_ had access to.

>And finally what's the difference between the Law rune and the
>Stasis rune?

        The Law Rune is continuity and predictability. THe Stasis Rune is unchangingness, static immobility, stability. They are obviously connected in some ways, but the best way to explain the difference is as follows. If a clock were affected by the Stasis Rune, it would stop and remain pointed at 12 o'clock (or whatever) forever. If it were affected by the Law Rune, it would keep running perfectly and correctly.

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