Malkioni Heroquesting

Date: Fri 16 Jun 1995 - 18:26:12 EEST

Curtis asked:
>Do Malkioni heroquest?

Greg spoke to this during the RQC2 Stafford Address. To give a brief excerpt from the upcoming transcripts:

Heroquesting in the West and Seshnelan lands is not generally done. This is because Heroquesting generally requires interaction and communication with the Second World, the world of Yelm, the cosmic divine world, and the Malkioni don't mess with that. It's not what they do. They use it, they don't go there and interact with it. And so, Heroquesting in the West is a minimal kind of thing. They don't do it very much. That's why Arkat was so unusual. He did do it, and he introduced it to them, and they had a great burst of it, and everything Arkat did turned to DIRT! And they didn't like that, so they don't do that anymore. They say that Heroquesting is a system that failed, same as the Dara Happans did. Nysalor brought Heroquesting to them. And they said, "Hey, look what it brought us; the destruction of our people, our land, and everything that we hold dear! We're not going to do this."

And later in the Address:

AM: I have a question relating back to the Malkioni not doing Heroquesting, apart from all these [unintelligible] sects in Ralios. There is the apparent big exception of Loskalm and the Reform Hrestoli, who were told to do these gigantic Heroquests to gain enormous powers, etcetera. And of course, there's Snodal. So, what's their view of the Second Realm? The Rokari sort of want to wall themselves off and be blind to it and say, "Those are evil spirits. We don't want to deal with them!" What's the Loskalmi view of the Second Realm?

GS: They recognize the existence of the Second Realm, and -

AM: And they actually go into it and do things there as good Malkioni?

GS: I believe their attitude is that they can go there and plunder it. They do not go there and work intimately with Ernalda to change the way the world is shaped. Instead, they go off and steal stuff from her. It's more of an external thing.

AM: "It's a pagan demon to be conquered, and their stuff taken."

GS: That's right.

Hope that helps.



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