Humakti + Great Compromise

From: D. Pribik (
Date: Sat 17 Jun 1995 - 00:12:05 EEST

Hello Fellow Glorantha Fans:

        I would like to thank Lewis Jardine for his write up of his SBL campaign game. If it is half as exciting as he discribes it, I want to move to the UK to join in the fun. But I must say a couple of things did make me wince.

I'm used to the view that the Great Compromise does the following:

  1. No Direct God Manifestation on the physical plane.
  2. you can manifest your spirit at the temple
  3. you cannot walk around and do things (that is what the cult is for!)
  4. No Direct killing of other gods worshipers on the physical plane.
  5. you can give magic and aid your own worshipers on the physical plane b) you can smite like a bug any snotty heroquester who annoyes you on the God Plane (and we know they all do!)
        Note: For those Gods who have not signed please sign below and send in 
              triplicate to Lhankor Mhy.


Is this the general view out there? Is it OK for Humakt to swing the Sword O' Death though a couple of zombies on material plane? Won't Zorak Zoran get a little testy with this (especially if they are his)?


        Dwayne Pribik
        So the humakti says 'I couldn't fight him because he ambushed me,
and I have a geas of 'Never participate in an ambush'?!?!'

P.S. I have recently relocated in the Washington D.C. Area and if anyone needs players for a campaign just E-Mail me.

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