Movin' and Groovin'

Date: Sat 17 Jun 1995 - 02:30:26 EEST

For anyone on these lists who live in Southern California and other volunteers (You Know Who You Are).

I am moving to Orange County on June 25th (Sunday), probably arriving around 5:00 PM.

New address:

10091 San Pablo Court
Fountain City, CA 92708

Anyone wishing to join in the fun of unloading a 24 foot UHaul is welcome; we'll do something about feeding the crowd. (For that matter, suggestions about feeding the crowd [which will include my strictly vegan brother] are greatly appreciated.

Take 405 to Brookhurst, south to Ellis, turn left. turn right very soon on San Marcos, which is a driveway with delusions of grandeur. Go to San Pablo (an alley with similar delusions) and find a place to park in one of the parking areas. If a huge UHaul isn't there, come back in half an hour or so.

My email address remains the same. I'll probably be offline between the 24th and 25th.

CYA Steve Perrin

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