Sog City and Law/Stasis

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Date: Sat 17 Jun 1995 - 04:00:33 EEST

Curtis Shenton:

Asks about Sog City:

>I'm not entirely clear on the status of the Elder races in
>Sog. Are there any trolls, elves, or dwarves running about? For that
>matter do any of the sects of the Invisible God accept non humans? A
>troll Hrestoli could be amusing...

Trolls are too far away to be numerous in Sog City. The nearest population, Xemstown is still under the Ban whereas the Uz of Guhan will have to go over the High Llama Pass which is through Nidan Territory. The spiel that the Mostali of Bad Deal deign to trade with the Dwarven racial enemies is typical used-car salesman snake-oil, IMO. They just want to lure them into their city so they can kill them at their own leisure. Back to the trolls: Any trolls found in Sog City would be Ice trolls blown in off Valind's Glacier where they are not very numerous and also not very civilized.

Elves: Winterwood and Erontree. They don't mix with humans much and I suppose that any elf found wandering around on the streetes is kidnapped by the Vadeli to make vegetable salad which always goes down well with their kids...

Dwarves: For some reason, I keep getting this impression of Merchant Dwarves from Bad Deal acting as arms-smugglers into Sog City. Nida has had a history of intefering with the history of Fronela (Apparently they booted out Syranthir Forefront in collaboration with the God-Learners!) so who knows what insidious plans the Decamony (think: Bolsheviks, Comintern, Vatican, Kremlin etc) have for the humans of Fronela.

>What sort of chaos cults are active in or near Sog city? Krarsht is the
>only cult I currently plan to have active in the city, there is enough
>other stuff inside to keep players busy and there is always the swamp
>for real Chaos Horrors.

Interesting enough, I always though the Swamp was that described in Troll Pak as the site of where Krjalk (whose cult is described in Lords of Terror) was defeated/dismembered by Zorak Zoran. Presumably some of his bigger parts still reside there.

>Has anyone developed the judges more? I'm thinking about making them a
>pseudo-Guild and have the apprentices double as rickshaw drivers for
>actual full judges, the journeymen of course would have the title Law

Nick has already mentioned the Judge Dredd parallel. One point he left out was that they ride on Big Artifically Inetlligent Motorbikes called Law Masters. I would thus give the title to the ricksaws hauled around by the apprentice/cadets...

>And finally what's the difference between the Law rune and the Stasis
>rune? I explained the law rune to a player as symbolising the laws of
>the universe and stasis as being the rune of stability and unchanging.

One's got a pointy bit, whereas the other's got a round bit...

The Stasis Rune is a Mostali Rune and originally (at the time of the Broken Council) meant Stone. The Law Rune is from the Malkioni and represents the functions of the Creator/Invisible God.

The Law Rune is opposed to the Chaos Rune in the God Learner view of things and they found it politic to place Acos (who originally was their term for Glorantha) as the God of Stasis as opposed to Larnste as the Lord of Change. They developed a hairsplitting catergorization of runes as elements, forms and powers and placed law/chaos in one section and stasis/change in another (the precise details do not matter) to explain away the duplication.

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