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From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat 17 Jun 1995 - 10:34:05 EEST

WYRMS FOOTPRINTS I can't decently review a book I helped edit, but here's what you'll get for your nine pounds fifty:


	Walktapus Cookery
	Red Moon in Prax
	A Village Near Alone

* Temple of the Wooden Sword
Sea of Neliom The Carving of Tarsh The God Learners Introduction to the Surface World
* The Last Song of Horned-Ulf
* The Halfbird
How to Convince the Examiners
* Starbrow's Rebellion
Famous Trolls of the Hero Wars
* Sartar High Council
Dragons Past Character Stats GODS AND GODDESSES OF GLORANTHA 1 Myths of Pre-Creation 2 The Celestial Court 3 Deities of Darkness 4 Spirits of the Sea 5 Goddesses of the Earth 6 Gods of Fire and Light 6a Yelm 7 Gods of Storm 7a Orlanth and his Kin

Articles marked with a '*' are either all-new, never-before-published Stafford material (Halfbird, Last Song of Horned-Ulf), or else they include additional material from the Chaosium archives left out of the original publications for one reason or another (Wooden Sword, Starbrow's Rebellion, Sartar High Council). The Gods and Goddesses articles have been edited, expanded and reformatted to enhance the presentation and accuracy of the original material.

The book is illustrated with Dan Barker's finest work to date: over three dozen pictures. It includes much previously unpublished William Church artwork, including more Landmarks of Dragon Pass, as well as many of the classic Dark Troll Jokes. The layout is by Steve Thomas, who devoted months to erecting this perpetual monument to his zippy skills. And it now transpires that all the printing delays were because the printers wanted to make it a beautiful product. Leaving aside the covers, ads and intros, you'll find over a hundred pages of hard-core Gloranthan material within, for your delectation.

And it's available now.


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