Humakti and Undead (and their Geases)

From: Bryan Maloney (
Date: Sat 17 Jun 1995 - 20:58:52 EEST

>Is this the general view out there? Is it OK for Humakt to swing the Sword
>O' Death though a couple of zombies on material plane? Won't Zorak Zoran
>get a little testy with this (especially if they are his)?

Humakt doesn't care what Zorak Zoran thinks. Humakt considers Zorak Zoran to be a beast in need of taming. Zorak Zoran considers Humakt to be a sissy-boy panty-waist.

> So the humakti says 'I couldn't fight him because he ambushed me,
>and I have a geas of 'Never participate in an ambush'?!?!'

I don't think so. OPPOSING an ambush is not participating in it, any more than OPPOSING the lunar conquest of Sartar is participating in it.

I believe "participation" in this sense might involve some attitude of legal and/or moral culpability.

There are many acts of virtue, but three are the greatest:

To engender love where there is hate.

To bring understanding where there is ignorance.

To really slam some clueless git in grand style.

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