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& 1) No Direct God Manifestation on the physical plane.
& a) you can manifest your spirit at the temple
& b) you cannot walk around and do things (that is what the cult is for!)
& 2) No Direct killing of other gods worshipers on the physical plane.
& a) you can give magic and aid your own worshipers on the physical
& plane b) you can smite like a bug any snotty heroquester who annoyes
& you on the God Plane (and we know they all do!)
& Note: For those Gods who have not signed please sign below and send in
& triplicate to Lhankor Mhy.
& .........................
& Is this the general view out there?
Works for me. But see below....

& Is it OK for Humakt to swing the Sword
& O' Death though a couple of zombies on material plane? Won't Zorak Zoran
& get a little testy with this (especially if they are his)?
It's okay, and ZZ will get testy, which would be the point. Remember, a DI is a direct (and power-full and POWer-eating) request from a mortal to do something.

3) If invited, you may do as you see fit, subject to the following


Another topic: what gods/goddesses/whatever are most closely tied to dreams and dreaming?

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