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Date: Sun 18 Jun 1995 - 07:13:12 EEST

> Is it OK for Humakt to swing the Sword O' Death though a couple
of >zombies on material plane? Won't Zorak Zoran get a little testy
>with this (especially if they are his)?

        Up to the Gamemaster.

Have there ever been seven [mothers]? The original conspiracy had six members.

        By some counts, only five, assuming that She Who Waits was not a mortal being, but an entity summoned by the Other Mothers as an essential part of the experiment. For that matter, I'm aware of some accounts of multiple _other_ would-be mothers, who failed at the tasks leading up to the ultimate gamble, and so are no more remembered.

        At some later time, the hapless victim they had murdered as part of their goddess constructing (or goddess resurecting) ritual was deified, and included in the group.

        Ahem. Nobody ever proved a thing.

>Did that happen before or after one of the original six was
>destroyed at Castle blue?

        Seven. I believe that Teel Norri was deified before Castle Blue.         

>Was this done to bring the number back up to six?

        Seven, please. Um, yes. A new mother was added after Castle Blue, to replace the destroyed one, but I do not believe that Teelo Norri was the replacement.

Peter Metcalfe slanders the helpless God Learners in vile fashion, hence must be put down.

>The Law Rune is opposed to the Chaos Rune in the God Learner view of

        Oh no, it's not. They knew better than that. They could even tell the difference between Disorder and Chaos, and specify the Six Types of Chaos. I'm not sure there's _any_ major group in Glorantha that opposes Law to Chaos.

>and they found it politic to place Acos (who originally was their
>term for Glorantha) as the God of Stasis as opposed to Larnste
>as the Lord of Change.

        True, but I think this was more a degeneration of Acos' rank once they found out more about the actual seminal Gloranthan gods.

>They developed a hairsplitting catergorization of runes as
elements, >forms and powers and placed law/chaos in one section and
>stasis/change in another (the precise details do not matter)
>to explain away the duplication.

        At least the elemental division was not originally theirs. The forms and powers are perhaps less obvious.

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