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> From: Nick Brooke <>
> Subject: Sog City Bits
> > I seem to remember someone saying the Brithini use the University in
> > some way to keep themselves alive. Anyone care to expand on this idea?
>Yep. The Ancient Brithini Master Sorcerers in the University are all of Zzabur
>(sorcerer) caste; the other Brithini (Dronars, Horals, possibly a Talar) who
>used to live at SCU died off in the First Age. There are many things the
>sorcerers cannot do without breaking their caste restrictions,such as preparing
>meals, opening doors, making the bed, cleaning their robes, etc. Now, you or I
>may think these are pretty trivial breaches of caste restrictions, unlikely to
>be worth more than a wrinkle per millennium -- but we don't have the same
>perspective as the Brithini. Old Age is,to them, the most agonising, protracted
>and degrading form of death imaginable, and they don't want to do anything to
>bring it on.

Are you distinguishing then between the Brithini in the Citidel and those in USC? Or are only Wizard caste Brithini left in Sog? If all the others are gone how do the wizards deal with mundane tasks in the Citidel? And if not why are the two groups seperate?

>In How the West was One, the Professor of Necromancy was one Gorian Stridyard,
>written up as a horrible combination of Faust and Frankenstein. He was
>desperately trying to create a creature with a soul, so he could use it to pay
>off Wakibopheles, the demon who traded him 24 years of success for his soul at
>the end of it. In both runs of the game, he was very much the man to watch (and
>wholly successful, as I recall).

That leads me to another question. What were the general outcomes of the LARP How The West Was One games? I looked into the archives and it seems the Hrestoli do well but that's about all I got from it. I'm planning on having my game start sometime in 1624 and the Seventh Ecclasiastical Council the next year is going to be a major event later in the campaign.

> > Naturally I'll have to have the three renegade, possibly chaos worshipping
> > Judges. The Humakti one calls himself Judge Death of course.
>Three? Moderation, I suppose. Why not the full six?Probably these renegades are
>hangovers from the God Learner period, when Justice Department worked properly.
>You could have the PCs open their sealed tomb by mistake...

Geez, six? My Dredd lore must be rustier than I thought. All I could remember were Death, the flame guy, and another being I recall being called Mortis though I don't remember what he did.

I've got a few ideas for a Cult of Law for the Judges. With all of them walking around with great, huge Law Rune badges I think it's only natural that some of them would essentially worship the Law. Judges who are part of the cult get a Sense Perp skill. But it's more akin to Telepathy than something like Sense Assasin. It only works on Perps other judges have decided were criminals, correctly or not.

> > Just what is the connection between the Waertagi and Dragons? Are the ships
> > really made out of Dragonbone?
>The Dragonships are made out of the bodies of sea dragons, wrestled into shape
>by Waertag or by those who know his rituals. From Wyrms Footprints p.48: "The
>Waertagi race knew a special charm to call a Sea Dragon unto them and,with more
>special magics, could fight it and defeat it. If this was done then the dragon
>spirit would be bound to the old body and act as a protective spirit for it.The
>old body of the animal would be enchanted with great magics which would convert
>the husk into a palatial and marvellous ship, sometimes as much as a half mile
>long and a quarter mile wide. Each part of the dragon would be used by the
>sea-going race. These are the origins of the great city-ships of the Waertagi."

What's a Sea Dragon then? A great big monster from the deeps that is just called a Dragon? Or is it something with actual Draconic Ties? Because I'm liking the idea of aquatic Dragonnewts more and more I'll probably have the Sea Dragons in some way reflect Draconic powers. Perhaps True Dragons have bed wetting dreams, I dunno.
> Prophecies are, most often, more like announcements ahead of the completion of
> plans. Orlanth tells his priests that the Seventh Wind will rise and scour the
> Lunars from Dragon Pass; the Red Goddess tells hers that the Inner Secrets of
> the Red Moon will ensure her Lunar Way endures forever. To some extent, saying
> it helps make it so: lots of people (myself half-included) think that
> Gloranthans' belief shapes Gloranthan reality, so if you think your God has a
> secret weapon or a come-back plan it's more likely to work. I'd normally use
> Gloranthan prophecy like Old Testament prophecy: ways of encouraging your own
> people to do better, for fear of worse.

I agree. I see most prophecies in Glorantha more as mythic battle plans than as a true vision of the future.
>The most famous example of "foreseeing the future" in Glorantha plainly failed*:
>this was Zzabur's "Future Map of Fronela," seen by Prince Snodal in Altinela.
>All this was, IMHO, was a master-plan towards which the Big 'Z' was working,
>rather like Hitler's plans for Nazified Russia. The fact that it didn't happen
>hardly means Snodal saw the "inevitable" future and changed it somehow; he won,
>and Zzabur lost (and is presumably now back at his sorcerous drawing-board,
>planning some other way of warping the whole of Glorantha).
> * I say it failed -- but we don't truly know what date it was meant to succeed
> by. And the Cult of the Ship and the City still seem to be worried about a
> watery doom coming to coastal Fronela...

I've got an idea for the copy of the Blue Book in USC. While I can't see the players managing to get permission to read it they might be allowed into the section of the library that holds the book. PCs having their own kind of special luck this will be at just the time for one of the books prerecorded messages. The book suddenly flips open and an illusionary version of Zzabur appears and begins to speak (in ancient Brithini of course). I haven't yet decided what he'll have to say, and unless any PC picks up Brithini all I'll do is drop a few names like Argarath, Snodal, Wakboth, etc. Of course God Learner that I am I'm tempted to take both the Foundation myths and the Star Wars myth to create a Mostali devices shaped like a cylinder that would do much the same thing.
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> From: (David Dunham)
> Subject: Re: prophecy
> Curtis Shenton asked
> >I have a question about time and prophecy. Is it possible to
> >foresee the future? Or are prophecies simply wishful thinking, or maybe
> >magical acts to steer the future?
> Greg said something about "prophecy works because history repeats."

Not a pleasent thought. But then, the future of Glorantha doesn't seem to pleasant.
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