RE: Glorantha Digest V1 #319

From: Bryan Maloney (
Date: Sun 18 Jun 1995 - 17:11:11 EEST

>> What religions were around before Malkionism took over?

Before Malkionism was old Invisible God worship and/or atheism (I'm speaking more generally than simply Sog City). Malkion was a revitalization figure, for whom the religion is named (although he wasn't the author--he came much later to give "modern" Malkionism its current form). What was that like? The Brithini claim to have the first, and best, understanding of the concept that others mistakenly call an "Invisible God". To them it is an "Invisible Pneuma" or "Invisible Force", but certainly not an anthropomorphic "god" like the benighted heretics (who die) and the baboon Hsunchen worship.

After all, every Theist culture of Glorantha is inhabited exclusively by animals, uppity Baboon Hsunchen.

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