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Date: Sun 18 Jun 1995 - 19:36:08 EEST

Eric said:
> On a more general level, I would be interested in knowing how
> other people handle Humakti in their games. For instance, in my game, in
> addition to severing all kinship ties, the Humakti have an alcove in
> every temple which contains a pair of stone tablets separated by an
> inverted sword. The tablets are a Roll of the Honored Dead (i.e. a list
> of all those who have "died" through initiation into the cult). Does
> anyone else have anything similar? What are some of the distinctive
> feature of Humakti in your games?

        Never have felt it necessary to push this so hard. My assumption is that the majority of the Orlanthi Humakti are the full-time warriors of the clan. (Housecarls). To sever kinship with the clan also would remove their bonds of kin and loyalty to the clan leader. They basicly would become akin to the Swiss guard of the Pope, which makes no sense for the vast majority of clans. The other group of Humakti I'm messing around with are a group of NPC Carmanians in Prax. They are members of the house, and are related by blood to their House and leaders, so seperating them would make no sense.

Under certian circustances I can see a Humakti doing this, but not as a general rule in the cultural contexts I'm thinking of.

Distinctive features: My Carmanian ones are generally fairly heartless and cruel towards outsiders and slaves. Massacre, in a good cause (aka "Our Cause") only, is acceptable if it is the most efficent means to an end. The ends justify the means, in general. They also are more disciplined and hierarchical than Orlanti types. My ideas here are somewhat in flux, but that's what I'm thinking of today. (Whether my interpretation matches Loren's or Nick's I have no idea.)

> Finally, does anyone know where I can get my hands on the newest
> info about Humakt (i.e the write-up in _TOTRM_ #5); has anyone made any
> of this info available by ftp?

Sandy Petersen has a more recent write up.

Kevin Rose

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