Prophecies, Vampires and Law/Chaos

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Mon 19 Jun 1995 - 07:16:23 EEST

Curtis Shenton:

>Secondly I have a question about time and prophecy. Is it possible to
>foresee the future? Or are prophecies simply wishful thinking, or maybe
>magical acts to steer the future?

The most reliable type of Prophecy is like weather forecasting, I know given the phase of the Red Moon what it will be like in a weeks time. As long as you have found a natural cycle to a phenomenon, you can make accurate predictions until the cows come home.

People are more problemsome. Given that Psychohistory, Asimov Style, is ludicrously improbable, the only way you can predict such things is like if they abide by a natural cycle. For instance you can be pretty damn sure that the Telmori are going to attack at the next full moon. The prophecies of the HeroWars are of this kind casue anybody knowlegable in the cycles of the Hero Plane can basically see that there will be a time when &etc... They can't pinpoint the actual date cause it's like a weather forecast.

All this is seperate from Old testamant style prophecies of doom and gloom because of the sins of the fathers which are really messages to reprobates to Pull Your Socks Up or Else!

>> What with sorcery and Tap these 'vampires' are begining to sound like
>> nothing so much as Brithini with a thing about the undead.

>My view exactly. I think the first "vampires" were/are Brithini with the
>Vows Don't work magic in Sunlight, Don't ingest any other food but
>Blood, Don't cross running water, etc. Since the Brithini seem to have a
>good working knowledge of the Heroplane these vows probably helped the
>Wizards who used them gain greater magics of the Void.

But Vampires are strongly interested in Sex which is antithetical to the Brithini! Really the Vampires are dead things trying to become alive by drinking blood and all that schick so they appear between the borders of life and death. If Brithini have sex, masturbate or suffer nocturnal emissions then they grow old which is not the case with Vampires. Furthermore Vivamort comes from the dead regions of Hell where he lived and I don't think there were any Brithini there at that time.

>Is the Law rune opposed to the Chaos rune? [I had stated that it was]
>I seem to recall reading something to the effecte that it is not
>thought of that way. I think the Chaos rune is opposed to ALL the
>other runes in equal measure.

The RQ II rulebook says it is but doesn't give the Law Rune. Since you can have Gods with runes of Chaos and Air for example (Ragnaglar), this is plainly absurd and so the God Learners spout out that Nothing is safe from the taint of chaos. All vaccuous nonsense, if you ask me.

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