Brithini, Mothers, Carmanians

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Date: Mon 19 Jun 1995 - 10:38:37 EEST


> Are you distinguishing then between the Brithini in the Citadel and
> those in USC? Or are only Wizard caste Brithini left in Sog? If all
> the others are gone how do the wizards deal with mundane tasks in the
> Citidel? And if not why are the two groups seperate?

Yep: the words "in the University" and "who used to live at SCU" were, I had hoped, a bit of a give-away that this is what I meant. Nobody from outside ever gets into the Citadel, so the Brithini there certainly seem to be able to cope on their own, unlike the University guys. The two groups are separate because the Citadel Dronars etc. have their own jobs, which are to do with keeping the Citadel running, and wandering off to become University porters and cleaners etc. would be a terrible breach of their caste restrictions. And the Brithini don't like having babies...

BTW, there's no such thing as a Brithini Wizard, IMHO: they are all Sorcerers (magicians working outside the confines of moral law).

Six Dark Judges: Fear, Fire, Mortis (decomposes folk), Death; more recently, Phobia and Nausea.

I'm *certain* Sea Dragons are draconic.


> A new mother was added after Castle Blue, to replace the destroyed one

I'd always supposed this story of a Mother being destroyed at Castle Blue was Orlanthi twaddle designed to slur "She Who Waits". As in, "You know why the Lunars can't tell you who the Seventh Mother is? 'Cos we killed her, that's why!" Poor ignorant barbarians: I suppose they just can't handle mystery cults...

Anyone talking about "The Six Mothers" is innumerate. We must educate them.


They sound Carmanian to me!


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