Gods (limitted Edition)

From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Mon 19 Jun 1995 - 13:23:06 EEST

Hi All

        WRT my campaign excerpt and Dwayne's comments about the compromise limitting the powers of gods on the mundane plane.

  1. I totally agree.
  2. The SPH section of the campaign was run over 5 years ago using RQ3. I was a less experienced GM then.
  3. The gods were not physically manifest (large, non-corpereal beings that worshippers and associated cults could see/smell/sense in someway.
  4. They did not affect any living beings (or undead). Their target was the formless Chaotic Void stuff that was pouring into Glorantha (in opposition to the compromise). Now I might have had a chaotic horror spawned every round as Glorantha tried to cover the void, but I think the total shock and horror on the faces of the players when they realized what was happening was worth it!

After all, a bucky rune lord can *think* that they can take a never endding line of chaos all comers (they might kid themselves that it'll stop soon). Where as, who can fight the void?

5) WRT to the Humakti who had stabbed the vampire with his sword (it got stuck in the vampire and crystal coffin) tn DIed hen DIed. Firstly all humakt had to do was to infuse a Death rune (sword) already dedicated to him, with a fraction of the power of the DEATH Rune. How does this differ from divine magic? The other side of the DI teleporting/lifting the Initiate up 6 metres and reuniting his sword with him was less justifiable but most players expect their gods to be able to get them out of trouble and Greg has said that teleport is one of the valid outcomes of DI.

NB. Humakt was unable to harm the rest of the undead AND the other 11 vampires as he had no direct conduit to them. Had their been more Humakti their with their swords touching undead then 1 DI would have done them all in my opinion as Humakt would have wanted that. However, he had to work with limited resorces. As for Amyr Raptoe's dagger melting, well do you remember what happens to people who are chucked out of the cult of Humakt, normally he only pays attention to swords (big Death runes), but when he is so close I see no reason why he can't pay attention to the fine detail!



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