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  In the RQCon2 version, clearly the most important event was the success   of the Vice Chancellor Pelinorius Staarki in founding the School for   Business Studies and the Performing Arts (getting funds from 2 bishops--   admittedly with a little arm-twisting/blackmailing). The creation of a   formal agreement with the Lunar ambassador requiring all Lunar trade in   and out of Sog City to go through the new school was also a plus.   

  Nick did not quite remember right regarding Gorian Stridyard, though.   His great scheme was interrupted by myself at the request of several   bishops who wanted the relics back. Not wanting a major incident which   could bring the University's reputation into disfavor, Pelinorius   entered the Necromancer's tower and regained the relics. Of course, the   relics passed on into other hands and were used during a battle with the   Kingdom of War, but the monster did not rise.   

  In Imther, the goddess of dreams is the earth mother Nealda, who lives   part of the year in the Dreaming Palace. Here hopes for the new year   are born and people can retrieve them there.   

  It's my belief that this is a common motif at least in southern Peloria,   from which Imtherian culture partly rose.   


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