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>> inverted sword. The tablets are a Roll of the Honored Dead (i.e. a list
>> of all those who have "died" through initiation into the cult). Does
>> anyone else have anything similar? What are some of the distinctive
>> feature of Humakti in your games?
> Never have felt it necessary to push this so hard. My assumption
>is that the majority of the Orlanthi Humakti are the full-time warriors of
>the clan. (Housecarls). To sever kinship with the clan also would remove
>their bonds of kin and loyalty to the clan leader. They basicly would
>become akin to the Swiss guard of the Pope, which makes no sense for the
>vast majority of clans. The other group of Humakti I'm messing around
>with are a group of NPC Carmanians in Prax. They are members of the
>house, and are related by blood to their House and leaders, so seperating
>them would make no sense.

In my campaign, Humakti are "dead", but they are STILL in the clan. Dying does not expel you from your clan, it only changes your station in the clan. Uncle Vobodoric, who died five years ago, is still in the clan. This is why Pig-Kisser the Kolating can summon him up so we can pay our respects to him and ask a few questions once in a while. To be more precise, it's why he'd be willing to help without being forced.

Thus, Karl Humaktsson, a new character in my campaign, is a "dead" member of Clan Garhound. He "died" upon initiating to Humakt, and all clan ties were "cut" at that time. Then he had to go out and grow up a bit. Once he learned the "True Truth", he re-entered the clan, just as Humakt severed his ties but returned. Thus, the clan severance is there, but it is a temporary affair. Karl started out as a very grim young man, parents killed by Praxians. He gave himself over to Death and set out into the Wastes to kill Praxians. Since his parents were killed in an attack by stealth, he sacrificed that part of his soul ("no Ambush").

Fortunately for him, the first Praxians he came upon had just been completely trashed by a bunch of tribeless foul-wind worshippers. This was fortunate for his soul, for his Honor overrode his need for vengeance. He could not kill such helpless beings. Instead, he found himself helping out what was left of that tribe.

There he learned of the other side of Death, how it is inextricable from Life (Waha/Eiritha). He eventually returned to Pavis County very much grown up from the grim avenger role he'd cast himself into as an adolescent. Now he blows minds by being "The Happy Humakti".

PS: The RuneQuest Page that Would Not Stop Growing has Not Stopped Growing again. With the cooperation of Devin Cutler, a great expansion of the Praxian religion has occurred. Also, look for some art (only a couple pieces, but more to come) buried in the pages as of 6/22/95.

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Soon to come: Revision and update of the Fire and Darkness Season "what has gone before". A first draft of the Earth Season of "what has gone before". Addition of Karl, Bigsucha, and a grumpy (but zaftig) Lhankor Mhy to the "cast of characters".

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