From: multisim (
Date: Mon 19 Jun 1995 - 18:47:14 EEST

Hello to everyone here!

My name is Fabrice Lamidey. Frederic Weil and I used to produce a RQ fanzine called Broos here in France. We have started a RPG publishing company in 1992 called MultiSim, and are the original authors of Nephilim.

We are still great fans of RQ and Glorantha. We just have had an internet access, and would be glad to participate in the RQ debates around here.

I am very happy to see such a lively place about RQ and Glorantha, and I have a few questions. Not having been around for long, please forgive me if these questions are out of date...

What has happened to the RQ4 project? The Berkeley archives stop in February 94...

Have you got any news concerning the AH publishing politics in the future? And what about Chaosium's? Charlie Krank told me when we saw him in Paris that there was a project at some Glorantha revival at Chaosium.

I cannot reach Loren's Home Page on the WWW, as it seems always busy. Anybody got some info about this problem?

Thanks to all,

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