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Date: Mon 19 Jun 1995 - 23:18:51 EEST

Curtis Shenton
>What's a Sea Dragon then? A great big monster from the deeps that is
>just called a Dragon? Or is it something with actual Draconic Ties?

        The latter.

>Repetition makes things happen more easily -- this is one of the
>lessons of HeroQuesting. So if my dad was killed by wolves, in
>Glorantha a prophet could warn me about them; the fear might in and
>of itself make an attack by wolves more likely. (Mind you, if I'm
>geased to fight wolves, I am ipso facto more likely to be killed by
>them, reinforcing the historic pattern.)

        Repetition also alters the future flow of the mythic pattern in Glorantha. For example, there may be a place on the heroplane at which a chaos creature always appears to oppose you. A PC, knowing this, may well prepare himself for a fight with a gorp or whatever. But when he gets there, he should not be surprised to see that the "chaos creature" set there to face him is, in fact, the Lunar priest who burned his dad's homestead. Since the PC has opposed that individual before, the flux tends to cause him to be thrown up against him more often than not.

> What gods/goddesses/whatever are most closely tied to
> dreams and dreaming?

        In the East Isles, the subject of Dreaming is the core of all their mysticism and magic cultural elements. They have quite distinct deities who rule Glorantha Awake and Glorantha Asleep, though sometimes they are the same deities under different names.

Peter Metcalfe's vacuous nonsense:
>The RQ II rulebook says [Chaos is opposed to all Runes] but
doesn't >give the Law Rune. Since you can have Gods with runes of Chaos and >Air for example (Ragnaglar), this is plainly absurd and so the God >Learners spout out that Nothing is safe from the taint of chaos. >All vacuous nonsense, if you ask me.

        Why can't you have opposed Runes in a given cult? Even the God Learners thought this was possible with Chaotic deities. They didn't like it with other gods, though. I suspect if they'd had their way with Yelm, there would be two suns in modern Glorantha -- a "Life" one, and a "Death" one.

        Chaos is certainly opposed to Life, according to Orlanthi and Pamaltelans alike, but the goddess Seseine combines Chaos and Life.

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