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Date: Tue 20 Jun 1995 - 06:21:00 EEST

My brother Mark Gilles, has asked me to upload his version of what  happened at The Broken Council LARP at RQCon2. Here goes.  

Paul Gilles    

Letters to Charmilla Softspeak, Eldest Daughter of Xiola Umbar  From That Which Cracks Eggs, Dragonewt Ruler of Ormsland    

355th Dancing of the Seasons  

I am overjoyed at the response this project is receiving. The  coming together of so many peoples, both Real and Shadow, make me  wonder if our Dreams really are the only things that are important.  

I have met so many interesting people, and have come to a new  understanding with my fellow Dragonewts. We have shared our Dreams  and found them to be as one: of balance, and of unity. Such  camaraderie and singleness of purpose is unprecedented since before  the time when The Dream Was Saved.  

Of course my heart soared when I was finally able to meet with you,  my dear Charmilla. I am glad to find you well, and salute you and  the Only Old One for your endeavors here.  

I must warn you though, an evil lurks within the troll domain.  Eriayalaia, from the Blue Moon Plateau, disturbs me greatly. I have  sensed her Dreams, and they are of death and of That Which Must Not  Be. Be wary of her and of her followers.  

Aside from this though, my coming here has given me the opportunity  to meet many new people. I have received gifts from a number of  them, as tokens of friendship and of bonding. I shall attempt to  describe to you some of these strange creatures.  

Gita Flatsnout is one case in point. He who has united the  Hsunchen tribes of Ormsland, and has responded submissively to my  gesturing, is human, but seems to be more Real than human. Almost  Draconic.  

There is Raltosar, a Brithini, who does not sleep, and who does not  Dream. How can he be Real? How can he be Shadow? Yet he is  respected by the Council, and is allowed to observe our project.  

Seri-Phy-Ranor, governor of Dorastor, is a very rational and  honorable fellow, who introduced me to the Ambassador of Seshnella.  In my short conversation with him I thought that he was insulting  me by calling me a "Krjalki". I had thoughts of swallowing him to  help him on his way back to his nest, but Seri explained to me that  people of the culture that Sir Homalton comes from consider any  creature that is not human, by their limited definition of human,  to be Shadow. Hmmm, interesting view but skewed 180 degrees.  I also have found that Cragspider is not Enverina the Firewitch,  who I knew from the True Dreaming, but that this was her mother,  and by consuming her, she gained her memories and powers. I must  speak more with her on this subject, for she seems to be on the  Left-Handed Path.  

I was also honored to share grubby worms with Kwaratch Kang, a  Zorak Zorani troll who is also the warlord of the Council.  

As the opening introductions and interactions were taking place, I  was pleased to learn that through the unity of my Dragonewt  brothers, a Dragonewt road shall be constructed joining my Nest in  Ormsland to the Dragonet, and thusly, connecting it to the  Dragon's Eye, and allowing my colony an Inhuman King! The road  should be finished in time for the Hatching. May the Dragon of the  Void be praised! The joy I feel I shall share with all present. I  shall share my Dreams with as many of the ambassadors as I can.    

360th Peregrination of the Sun  

HORRORS!!! I AM WEEPING!!! After all of the anticipation and  excitement. After all of the preparation and good will. One of my  worst nightmares has come true.  

I am sorry that I have to burden you again, my dear Charmilla, but  it must be said. The Evil of Evils, Eriayalaia of the Veil has  been chosen as Mother to That Which Emerges. I have sensed the  death of a True Dragon upon this being. I am beside myself with  Panic.  

I have shared Dreams with Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros about this,  and he has said that all will be well as long as a balance is  maintained in the creating of That Which Must Be. He has assured  me that all is well at present, but I still feel that I should do  something to stop her. She does smell Tasty....  

Despite this setback though, construction of the Dragonewt road  continues on schedule, now with the consent and approval of the  Council. And although there are marauding bands of barbarians  roaming Ormsland, my allies and friends are banding together with  my troops to deal with the raiders. This is but another act of  unity that will bring my neighbors closer to harmonious  relationships with each other. This is a powerful omen that will  help to balance any setbacks.  

I have also sent some of my dinosaur troops to help my brother,  Master Herds Allosaurs, to further his goals. I wish him well in  his quest to return the misshapen dragonewts to their proper forms,  so that they may dream again.
 At this time I must take my leave of you. With the developments  here going in unexpected and startling directions, I must find a  new way. Sharing Dreams with Mind of Golden Dragon has given me  new hope. His visions are as bright and unclouded as they were the  first time I sensed them. His youthful outlook has given me the  courage to continue upon the path of my Dream.  

I will go to all the rulers here gathered in the City of Miracles  and ask permission to soar to the highest mountains in their  homelands so that I may dream and reflect upon the developments  here. I will return renewed and refreshed and ready to continue  the task that lies before us.  

Mountains are excellent places to Dream....    

365th Parade of the Days  

My dear Charmilla, my time away has been well spent. I have found  the will to continue and the courage to face the New Dream. My  mind is set to see this task through until That Which Emerges  becomes Real.  

There is but one obstacle. I have learned that the gifts which I  received from the gathered ambassadors have entangled me into their  Dreams. I must be quick, and free myself from them, and them from  me. I shall return these gifts with no apologies, no regrets, with  only the memories of better understanding and friendship remaining.  Although entangled, we have learned from one another and will  remember.  

Just as I have remembered what you have done for me. Although we  are apart and always will be, your generosity and compassion at the  time when The Dream was Saved, is what has allowed me to grow and  remain, unlike so many of my brothers who could not change and  hence have returned to the Void. I can only hope that I was able  to give a part of myself to you, as you gave of yourself to me, so  that we always will remember each other.  

And as another example of change for the good of all, it is my  privilege to announce an occasion of great joy, and an omen of the  Great Dragon's wisdom.  

Gita Flatsnout has transformed into a Dragonewt. We brothers are  very happy for him. We are glad that he can now lead his people  according to the Left-Handed Way.  

The Dragonewt road is nearly complete, which also brings me great  joy. My people will finally have an Inhuman King. With this task  accomplished I will better be able to concentrate on the Hatching,  and nurturing of That Which Must Be.
 I also watch with amazement as The Only Old One works his magics to  form coalitions of followers to further the goals toward balance.  For even if he himself becomes stronger, the opposing forces are  pulled taut and then pull back, for they are strong also and will  not break.  

We have only a few short years remaining until completion, with  still much work to do. The tension level seems to be rising. I  can only hope that this is in anticipation of the Blessed Event,  and not from some self-serving desires beginning to form. Our work  has gone on for quite some time.  

I will resume my Dreaming in preparation of the Hatching. Soon all  our questions will be answered and we will be that much closer to  the True Dreaming, and the banishment of the powers of the Void.    

370th Cycling of the Powers  

I am the INHUMAN KING. I always was. This has become clear to me  now.  

But being the leader of my people wasn't enough. The beings of  Shadow and all other Real people, all belong in this world. And we  must strive for all of our survival. The powers of the Void are  hungry and strong. But with our combined strength we shall defeat  them.  

All I have done was in preparation for the Hatching. I sensed the  Egg before it was even revealed to the world, and once sensed, I  knew that my one true goal was to see that That Which Emerges  becomes That Which Must Be. So I have set aside being the Inhuman  King for the greater good.  

But alas, the tension has been broken, and splintered, and now it  seems that the wait has been too long. For although we brothers  have long been devoted supporters of the project, our influence has  waned and our voices are no longer heard as they once were.  

Gita desperately tried to gain a seat on the council, first by  intimidation, then by force, and then by treachery, but failed each  time. He was then in turn freely offered a seat, through  friendship, by the one he tried to usurp, "as an example for him to  learn from and emulate".  

Mind of Golden Dragon, our Inhuman King, foiled an assassination  attempt upon himself.  

He Who Herds Allosaurs's people are surrounded by enemies.  And Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros has gone to war with the Council,  and has the City of Miracles surrounded. We have no choice but to  withdraw from the Council, for the blood-lust which has come upon  Sibilant has affected us all.  

In his battle lust, Sibilant has risen up and transformed into a  True Dragon. He is both wondrous and mighty, but yet his powers  are not enough to destroy the city, for Gonn Orta has also risen to  the occasion and called forth a True Giant to battle Sibilant.  

They cannot defeat one another, but soon enough they do defeat  Sibilant's lusting for blood. Sibilant is repentant and the  Hatching continues.  

It is at this point, my dear Charmilla, that I made a great  blunder. Instead of continuing upon the True Path, I allowed the  lust for power to overcome me. I became caught up in what was best  for the Dragonewts, forgetting what was right for the world. Why  couldn't I help myself? There is no time left. The Hatching is upon  us. No time left to Dream. I don't know if I can change paths  again.

                 I need to Dream....

375th Marshalling of Moments  

I was destined to be wetnurse to That Which Emerges, but in my  weakness, and giving in to the lust for blood, I was not considered  for this position by the Council. Those that are chosen are  worthy, but my destiny and purpose have both been destroyed by my  own hand.  

Do I return to the Void? Is this the end of my Dream? What remains  for me to do? My people have a King. That Which Must Be will be  tutored without my help. What is left to give?  

Alas, I seem forsaken, but the essence you gave me, Charmilla,  gives me respite, and the ability to change once again. There IS  something left that I can do.  

That Which Must Be will have many protectors, teachers, benefactors  and worshippers. He/She will learn and grow under the guidance of  all those that helped in the Creation. The balance has been  achieved.  

But who will teach our god how to Dream?  

I have found a new destiny.....Are there mountains where you live,  Charmilla?.....Mountains are excellent places for Dreaming.....    

Copyright 1995 by Mark Gilles  

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