Carmanian Humakti

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Tue 20 Jun 1995 - 08:06:49 EEST

Kevin Rose writes:
>Distinctive features: My Carmanian [Humakti] are generally fairly heartless
>and cruel towards outsiders and slaves. Massacre, in a good cause (aka "Our
>Cause") only, is acceptable if it is the most efficent means to an end.

or if the Karmanoi order it. Remember that the Hazar is supposed to be a sharp sword
for the right arm of the Karmanos, and IMO nobody believes that truth more than a Humakti Hazar.

On the other hand, Karmanoi are probably quite a bit less likely to order a massacre than Humakti officers. Reason being: You can rob a dead man only once, but you can trade with a living man many times.

>The ends justify the means, in general. They also are more disciplined
>and hierarchical than Orlanti types. My ideas here are somewhat in flux,
>but that's what I'm thinking of today. (Whether my interpretation matches
>Loren's or Nick's I have no idea.)

Perfect match here.

Note that I believe YT is quite a bit less bloodthirsty than Carmanian Humakt, being
a moderate, theistic Lunar interpretation of the division that guides from life and peace to death and war. Carmanian YTs would probably understand and follow an individual code of ethics and morality, and might not obey a superior who ordered them to commit an atrocity. I believe that such refusal would be quite out of character for a Humakti, and would probably break a geas or two with dire consequences (must
add an appropriate one). Or perhaps Carmanian Humakti officers (captains) "merely" customarily swear an OATH to dispense death at the behest of their lord, and the
lord's Oath is to take care of any family the officer has and to recover the officer's body for a proper funeral.

Which is?
Perhaps the proper funeral is the ultimate severing, where the corpse is dismembered
and exposed until the end of the next summer, and the cleaned skull and bones put someplace holy to Humakt.

So, enough about Carmanian Humakti, what about Carmanian Lankormites and Etyries?

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