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Date: Tue 20 Jun 1995 - 09:28:26 EEST

>My view exactly. I think the first "vampires" were/are Brithini with the
>Vows Don't work magic in Sunlight, Don't ingest any other food but
>Blood, Don't cross running water, etc.

Peter M:
>But Vampires are strongly interested in Sex which is antithetical to the

Which of course makes the first vampires Brithini who got interested in sex and other unwholesome activities which started their aging. To stop growing old they _had to_ turn themselves into vampires. A vampire may be an undead abomination, but at least it doesn't grow old, which is after all teh most horrible thing a Brithini can imagine.

And now for something completely different. A Carmanian question for Loren and Nick who knows them well. Do the Carmanians use straight swords or are they lunarized enough to have turned to the scimitar?

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