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All the information below is what I think is happening. Please don't sue me if I'm wrong. And, if anyone out there knows better, *please* post a correction (do us all a favour!).

> What has happened to the RQ4 project? The Berkeley archives stop
> in February 94...

The RQ4 project is apparently still alive. The authors' current plans are to produce a generic rulebook, with an accompanying Gloranthan sourcebook containing character generation info, background and cults. But there were major upheavals in the Spring of 94 when the then-current draft was cruelly rejected, probably explaining the Berkeley hiatus. I don't know if the RQ Rules Digest is still connected to this project (the only time I logged in, it was even more boring than the Mongol bows argument here).

> Have you got any news concerning the AH publishing politics in the
> future?

That's 'policies,' we all hope! Should be "Soldiers of the Red Moon" next, eventually, when MOB and Co. (myself included) pull our fingers out and finish the thing. They've also announced "Tower of Night" (a vampire scenario) and RQ4/AiG at various times. Mike Dawson may well know more than we poor English folk ever get told. BTW, did everyone here empty a bucket of offal over the "new wacky Victorian setting" (not to mention the others!) which were proposed in Lords of Terror?

> Charlie Krank told me when we saw him in Paris that there was a project
> at some Glorantha revival at Chaosium.

Chaosium and Reaching Moon Megacorp have just co-published "Wyrms Footprints," a collection of reprinted and new Gloranthan material. Their mail-order branch, Wizard's Attic, are distributing Greg's latest Gloranthan works: "The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm" and "The Fortunate Succession". Greg is still writing his long-awaited Lunar Book, and the latest manuscripts I received the other day contain some startling new stuff: Peter Metcalfe will be pleased with Sheng Seleris' steppe-spanning career.

There are also plans to produce Gloranthan fiction and sourcebooks, perhaps in the same format as "King of Sartar": the first collection of stories, "Heroes of the King," concerns the deeds of Argrath's companions and followers, but seems to have stalled recently; the first sourcebook looks like it'll cover the Oceans of Glorantha, but as a Gloranthan document rather than a Genertela Book-style overview.

Other Gloranthan material is available from Reaching Moon Megacorp, Codex, and RQ Adventures Fanzine; and there's been self-publishing ventures by Harald Smith and (coming soon?) Stephen Martin. And there's a new fanzine due out soon called "Chaosiana" which aims to cover all Chaosium systems, RQ/Glorantha included.

> I cannot reach Loren's Home Page on the WWW, as it seems always busy.
> Anybody got some info about this problem?

If it's always busy, it's because it's so good! Keep on trying, unless Loren has some better advice.


> Chaos is certainly opposed to Life, according to Orlanthi and
> Pamaltelans alike, but the goddess Seseine combines Chaos and
> Life.

Whoever believes those barbarians? Our glorious Red Goddess combines Chaos and Life within her runes: yet more proof that the Orlanthi and Pamaltelans have got it wrong again! Still, we're willing to teach them the basic catechism any time they want to attend temple classes:

	Freedom is Slavery
	Ignorance is Strength
	War is Peace
	Chaos is Fertility


End of Glorantha Digest V1 #323

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